Bionic man's face started at Cavendish Imaging


Bionic man's face was made from a Cavendish Imaging 3D photo of psychologist and Channel 4 programme presenter Bertolt Meyer a few months ago at Cavendish Imaging London. Bertolt and Channel 4 had heard of Cavendish Imaging through the work we have been doing on sports masks and on capturing 3D facial shapes for more clinical applications. Our 3D photo system is regularly used by sports players playing at all levels (Premiership as well as amateur) but also maxillofacial patients. The 3D photography process is digital, contactless, painless and immediate. The 3D photos can then used in many different ways. They can be used to make exact replicas of the subject, as in Bertolt's case, to make appliances or prosthesis that the subject wears, as in protective masks, to make 3D clinical measurements to plan surgery or monitor changes over time. Bertolt's 3D digital shape was used to make the silicon face worn by the bionic man.

The bionic man will be displayed at the Science Museum of London in the free exhibit entitled "How much of you can be rebuilt?" which opens to the public on thursday 7 February and runs until 11 March 2013.

"How to build a bionic man" will be transmitted on Channel 4 on Thursday 7 February at 9pm.


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