Cavendish Promotes Education

Cavendish Imaging are always pleased to be involved in educative events that are within our field of expertise.

Dr Edwin Scher’s Implant Certificate Course begins again in October this year and the delegates will visit us at 109 Harley Street as part of their training. Our role will be to provide information about how imaging can be utilised to influence implant cases. The delegates will also have the opportunity to watch a live CBCT scan in order to understand the process more thoroughly.

For more information about this course please click here.

If you are interested to know more about how Cavendish Imaging can help you with events and education then please give us a call on 0207 935 2777.


Mon 26 Jun ’17: CBCT interpretation – Artefacts


Dr Veronique Sauret-Jackson, medical physicist consultant, will be delivering the session CBCT Interpretation – Artefacts on Monday 26 June….

Wed 17 May ’17: CBCT Interpretation – Small Volumes


Dr Jackie Brown, DMFR radiologist, will be delivering the session CBCT Interpretation – Small Volumes on Wednesday 17 May….

Mon 24 Apr ’17: Guided Surgery


Dr Andrew Dawood will be delivering the session Guided Surgery: when, how and why on Monday 24 April. This presentation…