Conjoined Twins Seperated


Cavendish Imaging is delighted to have made all the different anatomical models for Ritag and Rital prior to each of their highly successfull surgeries. Dr Robin Richards of Cavendish Implants designed and painted them. The surgical team used them to plan and rehearse what they would do later in theatre, where it is so important to keep operating time to a minimum and be sure of what needs to be done and how. It was an amazing feeling to be involved in the twins’ separation and we wish to thank the surgical team for sharing their experience. We wish Ritag, Rital and their family a very happy future.

Cavendish Imaging supports Facing The World with free CBCT scanning, 3D Photography and the production of Anatomical Models (Medical Models), all of which are used for planning of complex surgery and post-operative assessment.

Tom Clarke, Science Correspondent at Channel 4, explains how and why the models were used: click here.


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