Dental Implant Planning

The Guided Surgery Concept is an amalgamation of exciting, innovative techniques in implant dentistry, imaging, and laboratory technology.
The approach is to:

  • Plan surgery using 3D software to interpret the CT scan and create a "virtual model" of the jaw. Simulate implant placement on the computer in the 3D "model".
  • Use this information to create a custom made Drill Guide. Once again the software interprets the 3D computer model and implant positioning information, to produce a computerised specification for this physical Guide.
  • The Guide is produced using 3D printer technology. It is fitted in the mouth, and implant surgery takes place using the guide to precisely align the drills and implants. Because the implants are inserted precisely into predetermined positions there is no necessity to raise gum "flaps" in order to see directly what is being done to the jaw. This means that pain, swelling and bruising are all minimised.
  • In most cases, the fact that your surgeon has already decided precisely where the implants are to be placed means that temporary or the definitive bridgework can be made before the surgery even takes place. This means that it is often possible to fit bridgework within an hour of starting the procedure - Immediate smile or Teeth-in-an-hour.

The very great advantage of these techniques is that treatment is minimally invasive. This means that even when there is little bone available and it is a struggle to find sufficient support for bridgework, the implants can be placed with little impact on the patient. There is usually no need for cutting with a scalpel, or stitches, (and therefore no need to have stitches removed).