Success at the 3D Print Show

Cavendish Imaging’s Success at the 3D Print Show!

To help exhibit what 3D printing has evolved to and where it is headed, the 3D Print Show featured a 3D Hospital where Cavendish Imaging highlighted just how beneficial 3D scanning and printing is to the medical community.  Here we were able to show patient specific anatomical 3D printed models that help reduce surgical time and provide a less invasive surgery.  Patient recovery time is also reduced and it helps improve the overall outcome of the surgery.

Dr Andrew Dawood, Director of Cavendish Imaging and sister companies Cavendish Implants and Dawood&Tanner Specialist Dental Practice, was awarded with the ‘Global Inspirational Individual Award’ for his outstanding innovative development in 3D printing!  This award helps recognise that Dr Dawood has embraced 3D printing in medicine and acknowledges his determination to educate the public in this new technology not just in medicine but in other disciplines as well.

A pioneer in 3D printing, Dr Dawood brought ground-breaking advancement to the dental and medical community.  3D printing is used in the planning and executing of dental implants and maxillofacial reconstruction as well as prosthetics and has been utilized at Dawood&Tanner since 1999.  It plays an essential role in the planning of these complex operations and provides successful outcomes.

Managing Director Dr Veronique Sauret-Jackson was interviewed at the 3D Print Show for Bloomberg News and also French 2.

She is also lecturing on how beneficial 3D printing is in medicine this Friday 15 November at the 3D Print Show in Paris at Carrousel du Louvre from 5:30pm to 6:15pm.


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