The Inaugural AHCS Congress “Passionate For Patients, Passionate About Science”


The continually developing relationship between science and healthcare was made emphatically apparent at the 2-day AHCS congress this December. With over 120 delegates participating at The Royal College of General Practitioners, there was plenty of opportunity to discuss, educate and collaborate on the most innovative areas of healthcare research and practice.

After a particularly moving talk by the triple amputee, Andy Reid, it was clear from the offset that healthcare science can make a significant impact when it comes to improving standards of life.

The part technology has had to play in this has been and an area of particular interest over the last few years, more specifically with its ability to increase the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.

Our very own Dr Veronique Sauret-Jackson spoke on the subject of ‘3D Printing – A New Revolution?’ It was an excellent opportunity to discuss the medical purposes of 3D printing and our own contribution to this area; from surgical guides and anatomical models to sports masks.

Dr Sauret-Jackson also spoke about particular case studies where 3D printing from CBCT scan information had benefited surgical planning. Cases such as the conjoined twins sparked particular interest and was an excellent point of discussion as the event was celebrated at the awards dinner on conclusion of the Congress. 

It is fantastic to see what 3D printing can offer and we look forward to being at the forefront of its future directions. 


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