Black Sports Mask Proving Popular

For a footballer eager to get back on the pitch after recently suffering a broken nose, our sports masks mean business. Not only have they got you covered on the practical side of things but they take customisation to a whole new level.

Christian Burgess is the latest sportsman to go for his mask in black! We reported his success with the white mask in a game playing for Peterborough United earlier this month and hinted that for his upcoming matches there might be a colour change. We are glad to see it in action!

Constructing a sports mask with 3D surface imaging technology has brought a lot of positives to the design process. It avoids taking a rather uncomfortable facial impression as well as reduces the possibility of inaccuracies.

To top it all off, you now get to choose the colour! The psychologists amongst you might argue that colour can influence performance; maybe it increases confidence or adds to your opponents reservations… or maybe it just looks good?

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