Case Study: Interesting Small Volume CBCT

A 6x5mm (Small Volume) CBCT showing LL67 retained roots, with 13mm radicular cyst communicating with LL6 root fragment, chronic periapicitis. The cyst thins the buccal cortex, and contacts the ID canal with likely erosion of the canal roof.



Case Study: Extensive Permeative Bone Loss


A CBCT scan showing extensive permeative bone loss to buccal and central left mandibular body as described. Appearances…

Case Study: how many denticles?


They say three is a crowd but how many denticles can you spot on this compound odontoma?  

Level 2 Training in Dental CBCT Justification and Image Interpretation


There are only a handful of places remaining on our renowned Level Two CBCT training course. Remember, this…