CBCT Imaging and Radiation – 23 April 2018


Dr Veronique Sauret-Jackson, Consultant Medical Physicist will be delivering Dental CBCT Imaging and Radiation.


  • Describe how X-rays interact with matter
  • Understand the biological effects of radiation
  • Identify the origins of background radiation
  • Understand the principles of image detectors and their influence on image quality
  • Explain 2D and 3D radiation doses
  • Identify the difference between 2D and 3D imaging
  • Be able to strive for a minimised radiation dosage to patients.


**This session is No.2 of the Cavendish Imaging CBCT Master Class**

Location: Cavendish Imaging Harley Street and Online

Day/Time: Mon 23 April 18, 6:30pm

1.5 hours Verifiable CPD

£30 Current Referrers*, £60 Others

* 5+ patients during 2018