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01 Mar 2019, Time and Date To Suit You
Your local Cavendish Imaging branch
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Over the years of our imaging practice and applied research, we have learnt how much can be gained diagnostically from knowing how to manipulate digital images. This CPD session supports our fundamental goal, which is that you get the most out of our images by being confident with the imaging software that you use.


We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise so that all medical imaging practitioners will be able to ensure patient safety and better treatment outcomes. CBCT and Medical Imaging technology is amazing, but can only deliver the results that will make the difference to the patient’s journey if it goes hand in hand with the correct training, education and clinical information.

This is a hands-on session can be arranged at your local Cavendish Imaging branch or Online and is aimed at anyone who uses or has an interest in CBCT Imaging.

This Course links to Enhanced CPD Development Outcomes C. The CPD provided is verified and the CPD session is subject to our Quality Assurance Process. For more information on Enhanced CPD please contact 0121 456 0893.

Course Aims

-Understand how to manipulate images by rotating and adjusting orthogonal planes
-Select and alter the optimum grey scale on CBCT images
-Analyse a CBCT Image by learning different viewing strategies
-Learn how to place replica implants
-Demonstrate simple measurement techniques
-Use Multi-Planar Reformatting to draw a panoramic curve and provide slice by slice views.
-Understand surface rendering and thresholding
-Define anatomical structures, e.g. nerve, vascular branch, by using tracing techniques