Risk assessment of Mandibular Third Molars and Endodontic Related Nerve Injury

28 Mar 2019, 6:30 PM
Cavendish Imaging Harley Street and Online
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On Thursday 28th March we are delighted to host Professor Tara Renton who will deliver the session “Risk assessment of Mandibular Third Molars, Implants and Endodontic Related Nerve Injury”

Professor Tara Renton, Specialist in Oral Surgery, is a Dentist with a particular interest in trigeminal nerve injuries and pain. After completing her Oral and Maxillofacial surgical training in Melbourne Tara undertook a PhD in trigeminal nerve injury at King’s College London (KCL) 1999-2003. She was later appointed Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary’s University, London and then was awarded her chair in 2006 at Kings’ College London.

In collaboration with Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London and Imperial College. Tara and collaborators have established an international leading programme of trigeminal pain research. Tara is the National Advisor for Oral Surgery, as well as being President of BAOS she is an elected member of the RCS England Dental Faculty Committee.

Sensory nerve injuries related to surgery are rare but have a significant impact on the patients and clinicians involved. Chronic post-surgical neuropathic pain due to these nerve injuries cause significant functional and psychological problems. Nerve Injury can be caused by dental procedures including Local anaesthesia, Endodontics and Third Molar Extractions. Optimal risk assessment is key in preventing these iatrogenic nerve injuries and utilizing CBCT analyses coupled with a thorough clinical dental examination are essential in treatment planning these invasive procedures. However, unexpected invasion of selected nerve pathways may result, with even the best preparation. Immediate diagnosis, intervention, and management are critical in minimizing permanent nerve damage in our patients. From recently published information in Implant Dentistry Journal (2016-2017), perspectives on nerve injury during dental surgeries will be highlighted.

This lecture will update participants in the prevention of trigeminal nerve injuries during dental surgery and is aimed at Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, Implantologists, General Dentists and anyone with an interest in this field.

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Course Aims

-Be familiar with recognising and minimising risk to the trigeminal nerve when undertaking dental procedures;
-Understand the importance of preventing nerve injuries and the impact on those patients affected;
-Understand how to improve patient consent;
-Be able to develop a better strategy for assessing and identifying patients at high risk;
-Know When to refer or treat.