CBCT Interpretation: Artefacts – 26 June, 2017


We are delighted to have Dr Veronique Sauret-Jackson, Consultant Medical Physicist on Monday 26 June. This course will cover the common artefacts in dental CBCT imaging.

This session will cover the physics of CBCT to gain an understanding of the artefacts in CBCT images. It will also include practical tricks to avoid artefacts or to work with them.

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By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of the imaging chain from initiating the X-ray exposure to display of the image
  • Explain how X-rays interact with matter
  • Understand the principles of image detectors and their influence on image quality
  • List factors controlling X-ray quantity, quality and geometry and its influence on image quality
  • Describe construction and function of CBCT equipment
  • Understand the principles of CBCT radiographical techniques
  • Recognise malfunctioning of CBCT devices
  • Strive for a minimized radiation dosage to patients.

The cost of the event is £60 (£30 for regular Cavendish Imaging referrers*).

The event will be at Cavendish Imaging HARLEY STREET. You could also join online from anywhere via our live internet connection.

The course will start at 7pm.

If you attend the course in person, please come to 109 Harley Street from 6:30pm.

If you attend the course online, please login at 6.45pm.

*More than 5 referrals in 2017