Update for Referrers and Colleagues


Dear Referrers and Colleagues,

The Coronavirus situation is unprecedented and we want to share with you how we see the week ahead and the next few weeks, taking all the necessary precautions and actively work on reducing risks associated with Covid-19.

We are following the Government advice on restriction of access to our services and we ensure that the patients are aware of this advice:

  • We have cancelled all appointments with us for patients who fall inside of the PHE access restriction criteria and have limited the number of staff in our centre.
  • As a protocol, we now query any referral over 3 days old as to whether the need to have the scan has been discussed with the referrer in light of recent developments with Covid-19.
  • Very importantly, we strive to support those medical services, which stay open to treat patients in urgent need of help, and for this, we will of course rely on the judgement of the referring clinicians to assess the urgency of the procedure.
  • We also actively monitor PHE and other UK Government advice and align our position with the latest guidance.

Infection control is and always has been a fundamental principle of our imaging centres:

  • Cavendish Imaging continues to maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene and patient safety: excellent hand hygiene, cleaning of surfaces and equipment after every patient and also at the beginning and at the end of the day.
  • We insist upon hand washing or sanitation for everyone entering our buildings
  • Personal protective equipment has been increased in view of the latest advice that we received from the public health authorities and the Royal Colleges. Daily, we monitor their advice, review their implication on our procedures and protocols, and adapt accordingly.
  • It is very important to us that your patients who are and feel looked after by us: we want to emphasise here that we will never be offended if our patients ask us to clean the equipment one more time in front of them.

We will continue to monitor the situation daily as it evolves and will update our approach accordingly:

Our Education programme is still going strong with the launch of our Online Education Website on 6 April:

  • Our Evening Education Events of March and April have been moved to “online only”. They are free of charge and it will be lovely to have as many of you joining as possible.
  • We are excited to launch our Online Education Website on 6 April 2020. In particular, this website will enable you to take the CBCT course for Referrer Level 1 from the comfort of your home and also book for the Level 2 which is likely to take an innovative delivery format given the restrictions of movement that we may have at the time.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and trust in us.


Warm wishes,


Veronique Sauret-Jackson

Registered Manager