Sports Masks


The masks are intended to cover and protect a laceration or unstable part of the face. Typically, they are used to guard against further injury to lacerations to i.e. the chin or lip, or fractures to the nose or cheekbone. Larger masks can be used as burn or compression masks to lighten and soften scar tissue and protect facial grafts.

Cavendish Imaging are able to construct the masks from a model of the face derived from scan data; using either our own on-site optical scanner or cone beam technology, as well as data from most off site scanners. This avoids the need for a physical impression of the face, which can be unpleasant.

We have treated many professional footballers and rugby players whom have all been authorised to play with our masks.

However please note that fitness to play and the stability of the injured area can only be determined by the player’s medical advisors. The protective mask will offer increased protection of the injured area, but cannot guarantee against re-injury – there are inherent risks in contact sports.

Most of our masks are made in-house from strong and washable materials.

Colours: white or black. Depends on availability and suitability.