What is a Cone Beam CT Scan?

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) is an X-ray based imaging technique that, like a conventional medical CT scan, provides fast and accurate visualisation of bony anatomical structures in three dimensions.

The critical difference with CBCT scanning is that it produces higher resolution images, with less artefact and scatter, making it the scanning technique of choice for the imaging of hard tissues. Additionally, the scan field of view can also be reduced to image smaller volumes.

We select our scanners based on the radiation optimisation facilities that they give us and the image quality they produce for a given radiation dose. Our high-end CBCT scanners also offer great flexibility on many scanning parameters. For instance, we can reduce volume sizes and acquire the data of the area of interest through a single or partial rotation of the conical x-ray beam and reciprocal image receptor. All of this contributes to a lower radiation dose associated with each scan.

The high detail of our smallest scan volumes makes our CBCT scanners a powerful diagnostic tool in finding small fractures very quickly. The immediate production of skeletal 3D anatomy also hugely expands diagnostic and treatment possibilities for your patients.

Our scanning protocols are carefully developed. We work in close collaboration with academia, NHS teaching hospitals, regulators and equipment manufacturers to optimise our image quality for each application, which ranges from dentistry to craniomaxillofacial and ENT (ear, nose and throat) applications as well as orthopaedics.

Our Scanning Suite

Your patients will have access to state-of-the-art technology in each Cavendish Imaging Centre. We have two sites in London: Harley Street and Finchley, Birmingham, Oxford and Nottingham.

We use the latest generation i-CAT, JMorita Accuitomo and NewTom Cone Beam CT scanners. These offer high resolution images of the volume scanned with very high trabecular and anatomical details, with reduced radiation dose, at high speed.

We have four Morita Accuitomo F170, a NewTom 5G, a NewTom X9, and an iCAT Next Gen

Referring a CBCT scan

Referral forms are available for download here.

You can also refer online by registering as a Web User, a free and secure web-based service.

Expect your patient to be with us for 30 minutes or so. They will be asked to remove any metal-containing jewellery or prostheses which may affect the imaging.

When appliances such as stents are to be worn by your patient during the scan, please always ensure these have been tried in situ prior to your patient’s visit to us.


Reporting by a Specialist Radiologist is available upon request. We are also very happy to send the scan directly to your preferred Radiologist.


Payment will be taken on the day for most examinations, unless a referrer account arrangement exists or there has been prior authorisation from your patient’s insurer (our service is recognised by most insurers).