Dental Digital Workflow


By integrating a prosthetic driven digital workflow and typically following simple steps we are able to achieve a powerful and unique method to plan your guided implant treatments from restoration to surgical guide manufacturing.

The Technology we use

3Shape Implant Studio is one of the revolutionary software platforms that allows you to integrate a restoration-led digital work flow into your practice. It allows Implant Planning and Surgical Guide design with a multidimensional and detailed method whilst maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

In 5 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1: We will obtain and load your patient’s Dicom CBCT data and surface scans from an intra-oral scanner in an STL format and intuitively align the data using different alignment tools and options. If you don’t have access to an intra-oral scanner, we can arrange to scan your patients’ study models.
  • Step 2: Our team of highly trained laboratory technicians can then use the virtual crown function to visualize the optimal prosthetic outcome.
  • Step 3: Our application specialists will then select your implant system from the comprehensive implant library and plan the optimal implant position accounting for optimal prosthetic design and placement, bone condition and the clinical situation.
  • Step 4: The surgical guide is then designed with the inclusion of guide sleeves to compliment your choice of implant and we send you the plan to be approved. If you wish to perform single visit surgery, our Laboratory Technicians can finalise the design of all restorative components and send the guide design and restorative components to production. Please click here to see our approved laboratory certificate.
  • Step 5: Once approved, you can receive all components in one complete treatment package and perform the surgery. Delivery can normally be arranged in 2-5 working days.

If you have any queries regarding this service or you wish to arrange a software demonstration with one of our application specialists, email us to request a call back.

How we achieve Digital Accuracy

1. Surface Scan and CBCT

2. Prosthetic Set-Up

3. Implant Planning

4. Design and Produce Guide

5. Guided Surgery

6. Provisional and Final Restoration