3D Prints


3D Printed Anatomical Models

Anatomical models are precise three-dimensional replicas of an imaged area, derived from CBCT, MRI or surface scan data that are typically, but not exclusively, of bony structures such as a jawbone, the head of a femur or a vertebra.

Our anatomical models provide you with an invaluable aid to visualising the region of interest at the time of surgery or when planning or discussing treatment options with colleagues or patients, without being tied to a computer monitor. They give you so much more information before you even enter the operating theatre and are often used to simulate surgery as it is possible to drill and cut into the models.

Another great benefit of a surgical model is that it facilitates the selection of implant components and instrumentation, without having to carry out surgery for access, and allows for a greater understanding of the overall surgical “picture” beforehand.

3D Materials and Attributes

We offer 3D Printed anatomical models in a wide range of materials, each with different attributes. We can make straightforward physical replicas of existing anatomy, or of what we have previously modelled in the virtual environment. Our key opinion leaders commonly carry out surgical simulations, or request plate-bending, or cutting guides. All this contributes to faster, less traumatic, and more precise surgery.

Our models are available in high-resolution resin, laser sintered autoclavable nylon, and resin-infiltrated plaster models. Plaster models are also available in colour to distinguish structures such as teeth, nerves, grafts, implants.

Craniofacial Implants

Pressed titanium and PEEK craniofacial implants are available from our sister company Cavendish Implants.