Facing the World – ENT Case


Surgeons: Mr Niall Kirkpatrick, Mr Jonathan Collier, Mr W. Grant – Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, UK,

Dr Robin Richards, Dr Veronique Sauret Jackson – Cavendish Imaging Innovation and Development

Dr Andrew Dawood, Dawood & Tanner Specialist Dental Practice

Before Surgery

Charity Facing the World’s Patient, Triny’s rapidly-growing tumour was threatening her sight and her ability to breath. The surgeons needed to act quickly to help her. The challenge was to predictably trim-back the mass to recreate a normal appearance.

An innovative approach to surgery was devised by Dr Andrew Dawood who invented a 3D printed template to guide the trimming of the mass.

The Cavendish Imaging scientific team, Dr’s Veronique Sauret Jackson and Robin Richards were able to use detailed scans of Triny’s skull to create 3D printed models and drilling templates that fitted onto the exposed tumour mass. This meant that the surgical team could operate to remove the tumour with a great deal of precision, using the template as a guide.

The complex twelve-hour operation to remove the tumour took place at the BUPA Cromwell Hospital in Chelsea. The procedure went very well and though Triny may well need more operations as she continues to grow, she made a fantastic recovery.

Her condition will be closely monitored by the Facing the World team, to make sure she continues to thrive.

3D Printed Drilling Templates

3D Virtual Planning

3D Printed Drilling Template in Place

After Surgery