Reconstruction After Radical Surgery


3D Technologies played a crucial part in the reconstruction of Josh Stephenson's face, in both appearance and function

Josh Stephenson, a designer working with some of the best names in the luxury goods industry was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2009.

Josh lost his left eye, and much of his left jaw and cheek-bone during treatment, which included surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Reconstruction took the form of a graft from his shoulder blade to the left side of his face. The teeth were replaced with bridgework supported by dental implants inserted into his reconstructed jaw.

Surgery was carried out by Professor Ian Hutchison, maxillofacial surgeon, Mr David Verity, occuloplastic surgeon, and Dr Andrew Dawood dental implant surgeon.

3D scan data used with computer aided surgical planing for dental implant placement – the bone graft from the shoulder blade is highlighted.

3D printed anatomical model; the precise 3D printed Nylon replica of the area is derived from the CT scan data.

Dr Andrew Dawood used this invaluable aid to plan the implant surgery, improving understanding of the overall surgical “picture” and enabling the region to be tangibly studied in 3D at the time of surgery, without being tied to a computer monitor.

1. Josh at the time of surgery 2. Following implant placement 3. Providing immediate fixed implant bridgework.

Creating a pocket for an artificial eye to allow healing and provision of artificial eye post operatively.

Definitive 3D milled titanium dental implant

The bridgework fitted.